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Originally Posted by rkt2k1

Did you download v9 beta from Apogee website? I tried to download evaluation until I get my ordered copy, but it appears to be still be v8.0.1. Are you and Jay part of the beta testers group? Is software availability limited to beta testers?


... Bill

Apparently, we are. The link to V9 was sent to me in a separate email. I had already purchased V9, and downloaded the V8 copy everyone can get from the website. I did order the CD version. Apogee might have recognized the BARCLONE name, too, and felt that I could give it a workout...

...And, of course, Jay has his Tau Zero now as an official kit, which was designed with V8. So that might have provided some support to his getting a beta copy...

I don't know what other criteria they may have been using. The release version should be available before the end of the year (they said before Christmas), so they might not be issuing too many additional beta copies now...
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