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Thumbs up New Design -- Guerrero

I've had the name "Guerrero" (which is Spanish for "Warrior") as a possible name for a rocket for several years now, but hadn't come up with a design that the name really fit.

Until now.

I was watching the 4th season of "Babylon 5" last night, and noticed some cool ships based on the number 5. (See picture #1 below.) I was able to identify them as "Drakh raiders."

One thing led to another (1982 "Fixx" reference), and tonight I bring you my sick and twisted B5-inspired model rocket adaption entitled... "Guerrero."

(And yes, I'll have to piece the fins together... Maybe from 1/16" balsa with the grain running in appropriate directions, and then a second layer oriented "crossways," topped off with computer label paper on the outside.)

Have fun, kids!

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