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Hmm. As I said, I don't have Rocksim, but I do have a hunch.

Start with an Estes Patriot; remove all the body tubes and couplers, swapping in a Baby Bertha style 7.5" long BT-60 tube. Install a 13mm engine mount, and see what the DV is with an A10-3T.

I have a hunch it will be low. Admittedly, my hunch is based on notes I took when I played with the Baby Bertha and Patriot parts last year while still trying out Rocksim. But I never tried it with a 13mm mount and A10-3T, so I'm just guessing...

Every time I have a hundred bucks to spend on rocketry, I think "Rocksim or a big bunch of parts?" and the big box of parts wins every time.
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