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Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
Addendum: OOPS! I didn't remember (or notice) this until after I posted the above. Goony Cobra only uses one A10-3T. A cluster of three produces a shredder with a Dv over 35 FPS.

Yeah, I don't have Rocksim but I suspected that a cluster of 3xA10-3T's might have some high DV values on a lot of designs. I'm thinking about making a 3x13mm interchangeable mount for my New Centurion; after all, that's about 3/4 of a C engine, so a big heavy rocket like the NC shouldn't be going too fast when the ejection charges fire.

I'm also considering a 2x13mm X-24 Bug... two A10-3T's ought to work in that sort of rocket. I've already made a 74% downscale entirely from paper which I plan to fly on a single A10-3T. Soon, hopefully.
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