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Default New Plan -- Lipse Two

It's been a while since I've made a BARCLONE submission so here goes .....

Simple design using all Semroc parts except for the fins. Fins are Aerospace Specialty Products Laser-cut G10 fiberglass elliptical 0.016. Two Stage flights for 18mm motors with easy assembly using pre-cut fins. Streamer recovery but may benefit from a small parachute if recovery area is on hard terrain. Posted simulations assumed a 1/8" x 36" launch rod.

Length: 24"
Diameter: 1.04" (ST-10)
Span Dia: 4.68" (Booster) 3.54" (Sustainer)
Weight: 1.75 oz

B6-0/A8-5......738'.........Dv 6 FPS
B6-0/B6-6......1069'.......Dv 7 FPS
C6-0/B6-6......1497'.......Dv 18 FPS
C6-0/C6-7......2026'.......Dv 6 FPS

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