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CenturiGuy Quote:

I kept that in mind while I was morphing your Argosy into my twisted Argo-C version below. My solution was to use an ST-10 with an EM-10 motor mount, along with longer ST-13 and ST-20 sections. Oh, and you could wrap a Kevlar cord around the ST-10 tube between the two CR-1020's, and stick it through the front one into the parachute compartment.

Just what this design needed Jay . I also see that you have added an engine hook as well. I, also have been thinking of going back to engine hooks in my design as you have Jay. The convienence and reloading speed of an engine hook has me rethinking the tape method. Taping up motors just takes too long and if hurried can result in an ejected casing headache .
And I have also started using Kevlar shock cord attachments as I have burned through too many nylon ones lately . I need to try to remember to include them in the Rocksim files though.

Thanks for the input and redesign, JP.

James Pierson
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