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Talking Variation on a Theme: Space Argo-C

Originally Posted by James Pierson
Here is another design I call the Space Argosy which has no pesky paper transitions to deal with. [SNIP] If I were to built this one again however, I would leave more room in the upper ST-20 BT area [for] easier loading of the parachute .

I kept that in mind while I was morphing your Argosy into my twisted Argo-C version below. My solution was to use an ST-10 with an EM-10 motor mount, along with longer ST-13 and ST-20 sections. Oh, and you could wrap a Kevlar cord around the ST-10 tube between the two CR-1020's, and stick it through the front one into the parachute compartment.

*Now* I just have to wait for the SEMROCkin' folks to get back from NARAM-50 so I can order fiber CR-1013 and CR-1020 rings, for starters.

(Jim, I twisted Craig's Mini-Loader into a MIDI-Loader, so this time it was *your* turn to be tweaked. ) Leave it to me to get Number 42.

Again, a giant tip of the hat to That State with the Space Needle, from the Planet of Giant Potatoes ("Mu-Tater!"),

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