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Exclamation New Plan -- Rogue Star

This is a bit tricky to describe, as once again RockSim gets in the way of doing what I want to do visually. Rogue Star is 18mm powered, and qualifies as an upper-end VR-Class bird on "C" power. There are some features that the 3D image just cannot show:

1. The pods use the SST: Shuttle-1 engine tube nose and tail cone set.
2. The four fins at the rear of the ST-13 tube really belong on the ST-5 pods, 2 each, angled outbound 45 degrees above and below the horizontal. Think Estes Titan-III stabilizing fins here.
3. The cockpit canopy is also from the SST: Shuttle-1 mothership.
4. The forward end of the ST-13 should be cut with a "French Curve" styling, such that the 'forward protrusion' occurs just behind the canopy. Think of a sine wave curve, but only using half of the curve. The 'hump' of the curve points forward, on the top side of the modle, and the straight edge falls to the bottom of the model.

Length: 23.30"
Diameter: 1.34" (ST-13)
Fin Span: 6.34"
Weight: 1.82 oz

A8-3......130'......Dv 21 FPS......requires 33"
B4-4......320'......Dv 19 FPS......requires 27"
B6-4......330'......Dv 14 FPS......requires 28"
C6-5......710'......Dv 20 FPS......requires 28"

A cutting pattern still needs to be drawn out for the ST-13. Obviously, there are other details that could be added by the builder, and a good decal set could go a long way toward trimming it out.

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