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Default "topics In Advanced Model Rocketry" - Book ! ! !

Well, I guess it's time to "let the cat out of the bag", regarding "Topics In Advanced Model Rocketry".

I have been in contact with Gordon Mandell, since last year. He has been in contact with Bengen & Caporaso.

To make a long story short, the three of them contacted M.I.T. and reclaimed their Copyright of the book. M.I.T. no longer has publication rights.

With that said, all three of them have granted me, in writing, sole permission to duplicate the book, in its entirety, for the purpose of distribution in the Public Domain, FREE OF CHARGE . . . Say goodbye to $500 books !

Unfortunately, COVID-19 put the project on hold, until recently. I recontacted the company I am going to use to have the book professionally duplicated, in electronic format. The cost was, surprisingly, low to get this done, considering that the books has over 650 pages.

Once I have completed the process, it will be distributed to various online sources to make it widely available to anyone who would like a copy.

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