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Default G. Harry Stine Collection Major Announcement

The National Association of Rocketry and The Museum of Flight are pleased to announce the release of a major online resource for model rocketry hobbyists, space historians, science researchers and space enthusiasts. After nearly an 18 month effort involving Museum professional archivists, NAR volunteers, and museum science interns the G. Harry Stine Collection online finding is now available for the archival portion of the space visionary’s collection, at The Museum of Flight. The G. Harry Stine Collection is a foundational component of the National Collection of Model and Sport Rocketry.
The project is led by professional archivist Charise Michelsen who reports to MOF Director of Collections Amy Heidrick and MOF Senior Curator Matthew Burchette.
The $100,000 project is jointly funded by the NAR and The Museum of Flight via donations from its members and interested members of the public. The collection is comprised of three major components; Small Objects (mostly model rockets and space items), Library Materials (books), and Archival Materials (ephemera, files, plans, manuscripts, photos, slides, and oversize materials).
The archival portion of the Collection is summarized on the Museum website as follows:
“The G. Harry Stine Space History and Model Rocketry Collection consist of the personal papers of rocket scientist and early model rocket pioneer George Harry Stine. The material in the collection is made up of correspondence, technical drawings, manuscripts, research files, photographic and audiovisual materials, and ephemera. The papers document the founding of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR), the growth of the model rocketry industry, and other research and developments on rocketry in the latter half of the twentieth century. The collection has been organized in six series: I. Model Rocketry, 1957-2008; II. Writings, 1957-1994; III. Aeronautical Research Files, 1918-1994; IV. Personal and Other Professional Work, 1955-1997; V. Slides and Audiovisual Materials, 1946-1992; and VI. Henri Coanda Archives, 1914-1965. The materials are primarily in English, with a few items in French, German and Russian.”
An online Finding Aid to the Stine Collection can be found at:
Note: The Finding Aid is essentially a roadmap to the collection. If you want specific information on a rocket, large or small, or some other aspect of the collection you will may need to submit a free online research request form on the specific topic. This is a good thing! Eventually these research requests will be collated into an online resource that will provide specific details and images on topics and items of interest.
MOF Research Request online form:
NAR members are invited to review the online Finding Aid, or the 60 page PDF document found on the NAR website ( ). Corrections maybe submitted to Pat Fitzpatrick on the NAR Facebook page, or via email to
National Collection Images: G. Harry Stine Collection/The Museum of Flight.
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