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Default Estes Prototype Motors Part 4

I've shown pictures of the 24mm diameter 'D48' motors.

What about high-thrust 18mm motors?

Sure, there's been the B3.3/B8/B14 and the C5 motors.

How about something with a little more 'Uuumph' in that diameter?

I present the Estes C10 motors.

These motors might have been very close to release in the mid/late 1990s.

Estes had obviously thought out multiple delay types for this motor.

I vaguely recall seeing the motor listed on some Estes publication/packaging but I can not find it.

I heard that it didn't go into production for the following reasons:

1) Extra steps to machine out the nozzle and drill the core

2) So much propellant was removed when drilling the core that the Total Impulse dropped to 8.6 N-Sec.

Pictured here with a current C6-5 motor is a selection of C10 motors:

C6-5, C10-0, C10-4, C10-5 and C10-6
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