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Default New Pay Forward Campaign to Benefit Rocketry Collections

The NAR has just announced the release of a new limited edition print to support the preservation of rocketry history at the MOF which commemorates Apollo 11 and the Golden Age of model rocketry. Information can be found here

The piece, titled Saturn Rising, was created by NASA Art Program artist Chris Calle and shows the launch of Apollo 11 flanked by the two iconic Saturn V kits produced by Centuri and Estes. The piece blends elements of Power to Go which was painted by Chris Calle's father Paul, for the NASA art program.

Vern Estes and Lee Piester will sign the LE print along with artist Chris Calle, providing a direct link to both Apollo 11 and the hobby we love. For more Calle space art visit Calle Space Art

National Collection Images: G. Harry Stine Collection/The Museum of Flight.
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