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Default Products that were never released

I like many on this website enjoy discussing/learning about the history of our hobby.

One of the best threads started on this site was the discussion with Mike Dorrfler about Estes products which were announced but never released.

In my many years of collecting I've heard stories about products from hobby rocket companies which never made it out the plant door. In some cases literature, pictures, parts or even entire products were made but never released to the public.

I have some of these items and decided that others may enjoy hearing about them and their history.

I will do the best I can to present these items but most of what I know about each has been verbally told to me, there is little written documentation. If anyone has more actual knowledge about these items please feel free to post it.

I plan to just present items I have. If anyone wishes to ask questions about other products than what I am presenting I ask that this be done in a different thread.

There is no set time for me to contribute to this thread. It will happen randomly as time/mood/if I can find the darn item allows.

Thanks to Scott for supporting this idea.

I hope my fellow rocketeers will enjoy the stories of these products.
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