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Originally Posted by James Pierson
Craig, for the RMR parts update file is at this url

This is the RMR Rocksim Library zip packs. the file name is:

Fliskits, Semroc, BMS parts

Thanks, JP

James Pierson
NAR #77907

OK, snagged 'em.

Here's the process:

1. Download the ZIP file.
2. EXTRACT the CSV files into your ..\ROCKSIM\DATA\NEW folder.
3. Run RockSim.

RockSim automatically looks in this folder every time it starts up for new CSV files, which it immediately adds to the appropriate databases. You don't need to do anything special beyond this, unless RockSim finds a duplicated entry in the new file. It will notify you of the duplicated entry and ask if you want to overwrite the old entry with the new data. You say "YES" or "NO", and it continues making all of the changes on its own.

Addendum: This technique works with RS8; I don't think RS7 had this ability, or it worked a bit differently...
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