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Originally Posted by James Pierson
Craig, a good place to shop for digital camera's is Good prices and return policy too.

Newegg is already one of my regular money pits for computer hardware, as I build computers...

I have a specific HELP NEEDED request for you folks. My Rocksim database is lacking parts, especially Semroc nose cones and Fliskits etc.... I found the parts file at RMR to update the database that is a Microsoft Excel file . I tried the old copy and paste but it did not work. Please help a computer un-ed-u-ma-ca-ted person out here will ya .

Give us the URL for that file, James. I'd like to take a look at it myself...

I want to think that RockSim has the ability to merge the new data, but I don't remember. You may have to do the merge in Excel first, then save the file back to the DATA folder under the original filename. The database files are stored as CSV files (Comma Separated Values) and not as XLS files (Excel).

Here a new design called Genesis Device from one of the Star Trek movies. I did the best I could from the photo's I had and just made the rest up . I am again using Craig's Tua Vega Top fins here because they add alot to this design.

Enjoy and Thanks Again, JP

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Ahhh, yes...

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