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Originally Posted by Rocketflyer
Another question for you guys. Anyone remember the launch pad put out by Nova Industries? Dave B was the owner, but without the catalog in front of me, can't remember his last name. Great launcher, could take the old "C" rails as well. I have a picture of it, loading an FSI Black Brant on it for my NATREK Silver, around 1978. Could use a launcher like this, it would beat the crap out of the Mantis pad.

Dave Babulski.

He's been a member of our section (SoAR) for many years, and a member of GAMMA even further back. GAMMA had one of the last production models of that launcher. It was called the "Launch Commander." I flew many E-H flights from that launcher. Don't know what happened to it, but I don't think it made it along in GAMMA's move from Atlanta to Macon.

When he does come to launches now (which is about once a year), he brings his other three-position launcher, called the "Launch Master."

You can find the '82 NOVA catalog at:
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