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Originally Posted by Rocketflyer
Ugh, just remembered something.( I have a case of CRS...Can't Rember S.... ! ), Way back at a RATS launch, here in N.J. , I was talking to Doug Pratt about the plans. I gave him a copy as he was interested and maybe "kit" it.

Another question for you guys. Anyone remember the launch pad put out by Nova Industries? Dave B was the owner, but without the catalog in front of me, can't remember his last name. Great launcher, could take the old "C" rails as well. I have a picture of it, loading an FSI Black Brant on it for my NATREK Silver, around 1978. Could use a launcher like this, it would beat the crap out of the Mantis pad.

Thanks for the welcome guys, I appreciate it. I escaped some time ago, I'm not going back willingly.... arrrrrgh!


Ahh.. RATS

lol, the good ole days, I think we attanded near every one of those.

as for the Nova Research Associates launch pad, I remember those ( the catalog, iirc, *IS* posted on Ninfinger ).
would love to get patterns or info on cloning that pad myself ( or thier Salamander B/G ), definately brings back memories...

~ AL
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