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Originally Posted by Rocketflyer
I have a set of Plans from the old Coaster Corp. They are of the B/G DynaSoar. They were starting to get a little ratty, and were written on and then "whited out. Currently, the plans are encased in plastic, from a machine that protects blueprints. Just what are these plans worth? Jack

You're asking a bunch of old-rocket-fart BARs what a set of previously-unposted Coaster plans might be worth? Priceless...

You'll get your name all done up in pretty pixels on Scott's YORP pages if you'd send him a 300 DPI scan of those plans!!! Currently he has no Coaster plans available, so having at least one set would get him started on creating a new section.

(BTW, welcome to our asylum. All of the Doctors wear the straight jackets, and the inmates run this place! Needless to say, we all have far too much of a good time with rocketry, and way too much time for our own good...)
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