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Originally Posted by BEC
I'm with Jason and others.... I focused on choices that are not available from E or Q, and tailoring to sites. I didn't know quite what to do with some of the new-to-me sizes including the "Wide" ones that appear to use ST-8 as the motor tube and the 15mm or 10mm choices. It's sort of a chicken/egg thing for me there.
I didn't even *touch* the "Wide," 10 mm, and 15 mm motor choices, but *NOT* for lack of interest in them! I was just so overwhelmed (happily so!) with the other, more familiar choices that I concentrated on them.

The 10 mm and 15 mm categories in particular could re-invigorate FAI contest flying (I know British FAI flyers who would love to be able to buy such motors), and these motors would also be useful for urban and small-field sport flying (a "bridge" between the 6 mm MicroMaxx motors and the 13 mm mini motors). The new Q2-type igniters would make even the 10 mm and 15 mm motors easy to prep, with reliable ignition.
Originally Posted by BEC
That you're even considering this is quite exciting news for me. Thanks!
Maybe if all of us who are club members spread the word about this, we could help create a receptive "market-in-waiting" among model rocket clubs, NAR sections, schools, Scouts, and 4-H Clubs (not by *promising* them new Semroc motors, but by encouraging them to compile "preferred motor lists" and submit them to Semroc to give them ideas of where they could most profitably concentrate their motor development efforts).
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