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Originally Posted by Carl@Semroc
There must be a short tube that somehow found its way into your kit (or a long engine block.)

The two tubes are:
BT-20AE 1.5"
BT-20M 2.25"
Total 3.75" when stacked.

Two engine blocks at .125" each = .25"
Two empty casings at 1.75" each = 3.50"
Total 3.75" when stacked.

I opened a kit to check the parts and they stack correctly. The overhang of the sustainer engine is .375" into the booster.

Thanks Carl. My sustainer overhang is about 1/8" too much. Measuring the difference in total length of the body and the depth to the top of the motor tube gives me a motor tube length of about 1 3/8", so that's the culprit.

It's an easy work-around for me to trim the motor length. I'm comfortable doing that. It looks like my kit was an anomoly, so as long as it doesn't sneak up on somebody else, I'm good to go!
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