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It is interesting to watch how the cordless drill battery launchers on Mythbusters have evolved over the years. I recall an early episode where they simply touched bare wires to the contacts. In fact, my current launcher is nothing more than a drill batery and a 100 foot extension cord with the ends chopped off. I didn't even have to chop off the ends as my neighbor did that for me with his lawnmower. I just pulled it out of his trash can.

However, I am not sure that a cordless drill battery is the best way to go. I have reason to believe that the high current draw during launch, even as short as it is, may dramatically reduce the lifespan of your cordless drill batteries. I had two batteries that held a charge quite well at the beginning of a launch season and were completely dead by the end.

Given the cost to replace cordless drill battery packs vs. the cost of a small SLA battery and charger, this is certainly something worth considering.
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