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Originally Posted by ghrocketman
I dont have any plans for this either, but found it VERY interesting.
Thought their E9 "skyrockets" with 8 large nuts they were launching were IDIOTIC.
They should have used motors with some REAL kick like an E30.

Actually, that would have defeated the purpose of the myth - an E30 would NOT simulate fireworks rockets like the BP E9 does. And remember that the nuts glued to the top were to find out experimentally how much weight an E9 would lift (although they really could have just looked in the Estes catalog for that info, but that wouldn't be very photogenic).

I agree that the rechargable power pack was an interesting power source for a launcher - But I just use a rechargable jump pack for the car for launches when needed. It too recharges with a wall wart, and can serve double duty in my car for inclement weather.

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