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Originally Posted by Gus
That may have worked momentarily in a country the size of Great Britain but it is of little use here. Those motors cannot be legally shipped in the United States without certification. And the cost to certify those motors are in the five to $10,000 range each. If there was some easy way to do this, the US team would’ve done it years ago to practice. But there isn’t.

Steve speaks the truth. Assuming that one can get uncertified motors into the US, the next challenge becomes insurance. Without the appropriate manufacturing, use, and transport certifications one cannot secure affordable insurance, and would need to have their own piece of property to fly from, and be willing to personally carry any risk associated with use.

Pitor seems to be the first Euro boutique manufacturer to have solved many of these issues. I commend him, and sincerely hope that he has the resources to begin marketing, shipping, and selling these new motors outside of Europe.

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