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Default Motor Mount

Since there are no agreed upon rules yet, I'll take the opportunity to customize my WI-Roc a bit. Starting off with the motor mount, I like the three ring arrangement. The rings are glued both fore and aft of the fin tabs, as well as near the front of the motor tube.

I did two modifications to the mount.

1. I added the tailcone/boat tail. A few reasons: I like a little tail on a rocket, the U-Roc had them, and most importantly, I had a random chopped up section of a conical nosecone in my scrap box.
2. I replaced the screw eye in the forward ring with a #10-24 eye bolt. The screw eye was a bit of a loose fit, the 10-24" eye fit the pre-existing hole perfectly and I like the insurance of having a nut on the backside.

The completed assembly:


For cord attachment, I simply looped the cord through the pre-sewn cord. I found it fit better in the airframe when passing the cord from the motor tube side to the this:


Pass the free end through the loop and pull tight. The resulting attachment point looks like this:


Don't forget to attach that cord before gluing the mount in the airframe! I almost did...

I glued the completed mount into the lower photos of the step, sorry. Then I got distracted with other projects....squirrel!

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