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Originally Posted by Ltvscout
Some or most of you regulars here may already know this. For those that don't, here's a tip for reading messages at YORF.

To see/read all the new posts since your last visit, click on the New Posts link up on the top toolbar. There you will be presented with a list of the new posts and replies to old posts since your last visit. From there you can do one of two things. Click on the subject line which will take you to the original post. There you will find a link thats says "View First Unread" in the top left of the message. Clicking that will take you to the first unread reply.

The alternative is when at the New Posts window you'll note a little down arrow to the left of the subject line. Clicking on that will take you directly to the first unread reply in that thread.

Yup, I knew that - sure did, I'm no dummy

Sean "learn something new every day" Lannan
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