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The scoring would probably have dinged me about 50 points out of 750 or so, knocking me down a place or two. For me, though, it was the principle of the thing--the rocket featured 3 outboards, so by gummit my model would. The outboards were fine, it was my own lack of experience with electronics that did me in, and being too cheap (unemployed) to build multiple boilerplates dialing everything in.

Probably the most frustrating aspect of it is that since my first NARAM, I've placed in every craftsmanship event until this one flight/zero points. I had also won every NARAM since the first one. Both of those streaks came to an end. I've now got to settle for 6 of 8 lifetime batting average placing in NARAM craftsmanship events.

I do plan on building another one, as once I figured out the design it was really not too tough. The kicker? That little hatch on the bottom dome is supposed to be for extry/exit of crew. Jack Haggerty gave me a little grief for not making it a functional hatch. One of the reasons I went with a g-switch to activate the timer instead of break wires was because I didn't have a handy place to run the wires out without drilling or something. Of course, if I made that a functional hatch...
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