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I usually just walk out the back door to fly and the range box stays in the house.

I'll have to think about what I normally carry to fly LPR away from home.


Estes/Quest motor plugs
Motor adapters
E to D spacers
X-acto knife and a few blades
white and CA glue
Good 3M masking tape that doesn't melt when used to friction fit (more important with AP motors)
Scotch/Magic/Clear (whatever you call it) tape
Extra leads/clips for launcher
Clip whip
Needle nose pliers
Baby powder
A few launch lugs
Screw eyes
Little Estes/Quest launch controller as backup for my main launch system
Sandpaper and steel wool to clean microclips and steel launch rods

A few chutes and some crepe streamer material, shroud line, some tape disks and whatever else is still in the "Estes Emergency Kit" I got as a kid...still in the bottom of the range box. I'll likely never use any of that because I use snap swivels on all the LPR rockets I build these days and can swap chutes between them if needed because of damage, wind conditions, etc.

I keep tools in my truck all the time so I don't have to add those to the range box. Needle nose pliers are used often enough to keep in the range box, though. I also keep a set of turnout gear in my truck. I can put on the pants and boots and stomp out a lot more fire than any of the little dry chemical or water extinguishers. If it's pretty dry, I'll throw a shovel in the truck for extra firefighting use.

My HPR box has a lot of other specialty stuff in addition to the HPR versions of a lot of the above stuff like quick links instead of snap swivels, etc. It sits all lonely as I haven't flown any HPR since the new legislation after 9/11.

Silicone grease
snap ring pliers (I mostly did EX stuff)
dowel rod
altimeter box with altimeters, batteries, extra leads, etc.
premade ejection cups
eye bolts
quick links
dog barf (actually kept separately)
drill bit for adjusting delay grains
delay grains
AP grains
paper towels and wet wipes or waterless hand cleaner
I'm sure there's a lot more, but it's been a long time, and I'm not going out in the cold to look.

I'll add to the LPR/BP list when I go upstairs and look in it.
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