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Originally Posted by dwmzmm
Launch report: Flew the Gremlin at the Challenger 498 Section club launch today at Rushing
Park, Katy, TX. On a D12-7, the Gremlin flew very fast and straight up as advertised, and the
seven second delay smoke trail was clearly visible through ejection. If it wasn't for the mylar streamer that comes with the kit, I would have lost sight of it coming down (must have hit the 1,500 + feet altitude it supposed to reach). Thanks to the fact that there was
very little (or no) wind, the Gremlin landed only about 50 feet from the launch control
station. However, one of the four fins did get slightly damaged on the lower edge/corner on
hitting the grassy ground; perhaps on future flights I'll have to rig the recovery system so the model will fall sideways as a normal Streamer Duration contest model would.

Otherwise a very spectacular flight that caught everyone's attention, and made me feel like
I went back in time to the days when I had fun flying the old Estes Goblin in my early years in
the hobby!

Here's one launch pic takened by Challenger 498 club member Greg Deeter:

When the pic comes up, you can click the pic again to get a full scan resolution. I may have more pics uploaded in the same photo album sometimes tomorrow...
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