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Default Nose weight and eyelet

Finished up the nose cone today.

Previously I had hand-drilled a good sized and very rough hole in the shoulder. After wrapping the nose cone to protect it, I laid it gently in a vice. [picture 1]

After some fiddling I settled on about 2/3 oz nose weight to get the CG where I wanted it. This was achieved with a heavy eyelet (.17 oz) and two 1.25" washers (.25 oz each). I scuffed up the washers with some 50 grit and then cross-hatched with a hobby knife. I hope this is enough to give the epoxy some grip. [picture 2]

I filled the hole with epoxy (BSI 30 minutes) and put a layer on the nose cone shoulder. [picture 3]

I put on the first washer, than coated it with epoxy, laid on the second one, and then stuck in the eyelet. I finished things off by pouring a bit more epoxy in to the opening around the top of the eyelet. My objective is for all the pieces to be well-glued to each other, so the whole thing is one big mass and unlikely to come apart at ejection. I would prefer not to lose this particular nose cone.

Final result is picture 4.
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