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Originally Posted by tbzep
My son built a Black Brant II cardstock model about 10 years ago from here . It was an excellent flier.
I hadn't seen that site in years (among many other models, it also even has a downloadable version of the classic Gulf Oil Lunar Module cardstock model!!! [anyone who can remember getting an original one at a Gulf filling station, as I can, was almost certainly there for the actual Apollo 11 landing :-) ]). If the completed Black Brant II could be sprayed with some kind of thin, wicking and clear resin (perhaps from a misting-type pump spray bottle), such a paper model should be amply durable to last for a long time and many flights. Also:

Zach's site has an incorrectly-identified Skylark model (the Black Brant I, II, and V motors [and the Black Brant IV's first stage motor] were/are "Canadianized" Skylark motors) and I sent him the following regarding it:

"A while back I had posted a link to your excellent paper rocket models website on the “Ye Olde Rocket Forum” (see: ). Today I saw that another YORF member had posted a notice that you have added more sounding rocket paper models (they make the best flying scale model rocket subjects, being fin-stabilized like model rockets). Looking at your model of the two-stage Skylark (the finless Goldfinch II motor-boosted Raven XI motor, with three fins on the Raven XI ], see: ), I saw that your model plan—and the included photograph—actually depict the three-stage Skylark 12, which had a Cuckoo IV third stage motor stacked above the Goldfinch II and Raven XI motors. (That is *no* reason to get rid of your model plan, though—both the three-stage Skylark 12 and its two-stage relative, the Skylark 7 [using Goldfinch II and Raven XI motors—the TEXUS program at Esrange flew many Skylark 7s] are wonderful scale model subjects!.) Also:

"Here (see: 0.Ikwosmm74_M ) is general Skylark material; Jean-Jacques Serra’s European rockets history website contains detailed historical information on the various Skylark types (see: ), among many other sounding rockets. Here (see: ) are photographs, drawings, and information on the TEXUS and MASER program Skylark 7 rockets, which were launched at Esrange (see: ) in Sweden until 2005.

"I hope this information will he helpful."
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