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Originally Posted by tbzep
I know just enough to wish I had taken a course or two when I was in college. lol
I can relate; I was just lucky to have a neighbor who was a ham radio operator, and (later) a friend who had taken electronics courses at a technical high school in Miami, and became an electronics technician. One of my brothers-in-law, although he was a doctor (a pathologist), was also interested in electronics; he loaned me his copy of the Tandy book "Understanding Solid-State Electronics" (readily available on ), which I highly recommend as a primer on the subject. The "Radio Shack Dictionary of Electronics" (see: ) and "Antennas: Selection, Installation and Projects" (see: ) are also great references), and:

RadioShack (with no spacing between the words: ) is, I was happy to discover, still in business, and doing quite well. The name Tandy (and it was, indeed, the same firm of "Tandy Leather" fame; I'd wondered about that, as there was a Tandy Leather shop near our home in Miami) was changed to RadioShack Corporation in 2000, and later simply RadioShack (see: ). Below are links to other Tandy/Radio Shack reference and project books (and their old 75-In-1, 150-In-1, and other electronic projects sets can still be found on Ebay--they're excellent [and solder-less, and fully reusable, except for the AA and 9 volt batteries] "learn-by-doing" kits):

Tandy Books Archive (sort of like the JimZ and Ninfinger Productions of Tandy books):

120 Tandy (RadioShack) publications download "batch": [It costs $5.99, but is well worth it--this would be perfect to keep on a memory stick, for read-out on a computer screen, from where the publications could be printed as desired]

"The Science Fair Story/History of Electronics"
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