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...maybe I will post a bit more of 'status' here....

The goal of this project is to make as close of an exact duplicate of the original Transroc as possible. The links in my previous post have more technical details, but here's a summary:

The boards are done. Unless you need a board "today", it's almost not worth it these days to etch your own boards. It is so cheap that you can get dozens made for literally a few dollars. In fact, shipping from China cost more than the boards.

^-- sorry for the out-of-focus photo.

The modulator section has been breadboarded and is working. I'm working on the RF section now.

The coils have been wound based on the data in the manual.

If you were hinting at the $250 price tag for the Microphone kit on ebay, I seriously doubt it will sell at that price. In fact, just a couple of months ago the Microphone and Spin Rate kits sold for $39/$52 respectively. Most of the manuals are posted over at

So things are moving along...
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