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Default Daily Update 9/12/16

We now have a total of six WOOSH Guys who will form the core of the booth tenders at Maker Faire! All of the club officers have volunteered a significant block of time on one or both days.
No surprize there- BIG THANKS to Mark, Carl and Russ for going the extra mile as is often the case at WOOSH launches and other events! Also kudos to Dennis Pallen and John Cieslak for pitching in as Booth Tenders. BUT we can still use more help! So if you're planning to attend Maker Faire this year- STOP BY and hang out for a while, maybe answer a question or two about that really cool rocket you have on display.

AND THAT brings me to my second point- I have not heard from anyone else about Rockets for display. I know there's still time but HEY! WHERE ARE YOU? I KNOW YOU HAVE A GREAT ROCKET THAT THE AVERAGE GUY HAS NEVER SEEN! The average guy remembers that Estes Alpha he made in 7th grade. He has no idea what modern rocketry is all about! Here's the best chance we have to let him and his whole family know what a great hobby we have.
Don't be shy. Bring it out and show it off.

Contact me and we'll set up a time when I can pick up that rocket you really like and want to show at the WOOSH Booth. Whether you can man the booth or not- WE NEED YOUR ROCKET!

and of course this reminder- If this is all mumbo jumbo and you have no idea what the heck Maker Faire Milwaukee is and what is Walt talking about anyway ?- See the 1st post way up on top and/ or post questions HERE or on the WOOSH email list.
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