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Originally Posted by tmacklin
In order to stay in "good graces" with their respective insurance carriers, both the NAR and Tripoli Clubs have no choice but to comply with the restrictions placed upon them via NFPA and the Alphabet Soup Agencies. It's the Golden Rule yet again:
He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules
Not literally true. NFPA is a voluntary compliance regime to self-define model rocketry and high power rocketry. One of those clubs often skates its own rules. The insurance company is a separate entity that simply wants to see a claims history in the segment one is operating which is why amateur rocketry has a lower insurance cost than model rocketry. There is perceived risk to putting a product on every shelf.

The limit to HPR is actually the "small population" of "only" 5000 approved users worldwide. That makes premiums excessively high. TRA and NAR have designed the system to intentionally increase the barriers to entry to HPR to far above what they used to be when there were over 20,000 users and rising 20% per year.

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