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Originally Posted by blackshire
I wasn't even -entertaining- the idea of trying to get the NAR to officially sanction motor making of any kind by individuals or groups. If a teacher, a Scout troop leader, or a 4-H Club leader is interested in making sugar rocket motors as a project, he or she need not get permission from the NAR. I was just referring to the probability that the NAR takes a dim view of *any* motor making (even involving only sugar motors), and that they would likely not be pleased for NAR members such as myself to be positively disposed toward motor making.

Totally not true. At least one member of the NAR board is an avid EXer.

If NAR sanctioned the making of sugar motors, then those can be flown at NAR club launches and may become more popular. Also, said teacher, scout or 4-H leader may have an easier time getting a place to fly with NAR landowner insurance available.

NAR currently has a volunteer problem. They do not have enough people to do all they would like to do, so they are leaving alone those things they do not feel are essential or one of the current volunteers has a personal interest. EXers within NAR so far are happy to do it with TRA sanction. Hence my thought that if someone interested in a NAR sanction for making sugar motors would do the thorough legwork needed to make it happen, the odds of getting it are significantly better than the current zero.

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