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Originally Posted by Bill
The powers-that-be at NAR, at least when Bunny was president (I do not know about Trip Barber), has always said, "If you have a desire for NAR to support motor making, write up a detailed proposal and submit it to the board. We will give it due consideration. But it had better be well thought out."

Given some of today's concerns, preventing wildfire is as important a consideration as avoiding injury and property damage. One thing NAR will be concerned about which the TRA Research Code is silent on is safe practices for the propellant making process itself, not just the flying and static testing of the resulting motors.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

I wasn't even -entertaining- the idea of trying to get the NAR to officially sanction motor making of any kind by individuals or groups. If a teacher, a Scout troop leader, or a 4-H Club leader is interested in making sugar rocket motors as a project, he or she need not get permission from the NAR. I was just referring to the probability that the NAR takes a dim view of *any* motor making (even involving only sugar motors), and that they would likely not be pleased for NAR members such as myself to be positively disposed toward motor making.
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