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Originally Posted by Raygun
Oh yeah, that's right I forgot. The book is dedicated to Black powder...
That's right then, I don't have the sugar rocket manual as a certainty. There you go, as you now have a well documented source!
I was dissuaded from trying home-made black powder motors when I read "Making Your Own Rocket Motors," as Step 1 involved fabricating a thick steel plate explosion shield to be installed above the hand-ramming press! The sugar rocket propellant is much more benign. It is mixed moist, and as long as it is hand-mixed (not using an electric blender) in a plastic tub with a plastic spatula, it can be safely mixed, handled, and loaded into the rocket motor cases (which are made of rolled, gummed paper packing tape) at one's kitchen table. The finished and loaded sugar rocket motors are approximately the size of 13 mm mini motors.
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