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Originally Posted by Chas Russell
Having worked Standards and Testing way back when, I think you would have to get their input about what they would certify both from a safety and a contest certification point of view. I have WAY too many 18mm composite reloads as once a pak is impounded and then opened, it cannot be used for competition again (must be an unopened pak). This is so the modeler does not "modify" components. This could be carried oper to a multipak of delays.

Seeing as some of the S&T members will be at NARAM for the Board of Trustee meeting, you might want to take them into your confidence and see if they have issues or suggestions.
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Your points are well taken. DECAPS have been tried by at least one other company since we had then in the 60's. Our first attempt did not work well. It depended on the skills of the user. The second with 13mm inside 18mm did work better. We will have larger ID's in our 18mm and our DECAP will not fit in Estes or Quest engines so we don't have that problem. The top will be flared sligtly so it will be dificult to insert the wrong way. But, all that said, if it is not safe to use, we will not do it.

This group has more combined expertise than could have even been imagined 50 years ago. Thanks to all for your input and suggestions.
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