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Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
Picked up a couple more Baby Berthas for some Goonies,

So THAT'S where the Baby B's went. I did manage to find one at the Florence store, but I'm still a couple short. (Then again, I only have the instructions for three of the kits, so why am I complaining?) Which Goonies are you planning to build, Craig? I cut the fins out for the Zoom Broom one night here at work last week. I'm going to sand them tonight if I can get on top of the workload.
We got WAY on top of the work on Wednesday last week. I found myself bored and cut out the cardstock parts for the ESS Raven. I planned to coat them with thin CA, but it had thickened since the last time I used it. (The little brush stayed down in the bottle when I pulled the lid off. )
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