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OK, went back this morning and picked up the bag of kits I picked out yesterday. I showed the sheet to the assistant manager, she still acted like she knew nothing about the sale, but she honored the sale nonetheless. Wound up with just under $40 total sales.

Nothing new to report on the selection -- it's still nowhere near what the store had when they started out. Rockets once filled an entire row, now it just barely covers half a row...

I haven't seen a C-C Express kit in quite a while. Hard to bash out a CDD without one...

Picked up a couple more Baby Berthas for some Goonies, a couple more Screamin Mimi's, a couple of Full Moons, a couple of #2 Skywriters (one for a Starship Vega) another Hi Flier, and still somehow felt a bit depressed by the selection.
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