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Default Hobby Lobby Strikes Again...The sequel...

This really is more like a bad sequel than anything else. On Sunday, I get the email with the half-price rockets listed, then on Thursday I get a sheet with their two-day specials. So far, so good...

So, I go to the store on Friday and look through the gunk they have on the peg board, pick out a few that I can use for kitbashing, and I note the very conspicuous absence of any notices on the aisle about the sale. I take my stash up to the checkout register and...

NO ONE THERE HAS HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT THIS SALE! No fliers, no advance notices, nothing! In fact, the sheets they have all around are "similar", but no cigar.

Needless to say, I can't make the sale; I have to print out my email ad and take it back to the store Saturday. The manager (or head cashier, whichever) agreed to hold my selection until I can get back over there, but it's the idea that I have to make two trips just to complete one purchase that gets under my skin a bit...

Has anyone else had this experience with other HL stores this go-round?
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