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Originally Posted by Doug Sams
How 'bout the Quest Full Moon? I've seen lots of those, and they're about the same price as the Baby Bertha. The tube is 40mm, and a bit shorter. The NC is off the Big Betty so it's like the Bertha/Goony cone.

Just an idea...


I thought about that, believe it or not. I even bought a Full Moon yesterday, but I'm giving it to the son of one of my friends.
I found a Baby Bert tonight, so that gives me three kits with the two in the shop. As of right now, that's also all the Goony fin patterns I have. If I want to take the cone from the 36DD, that will give me four.
I forgot to mention that the plastic 6070 transition in the 36DD is pretty nice. I'm thinking about buying another one just to turn it into a BT-6070 Avenger.
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