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Originally Posted by Solomoriah
Hey, I haven't had time to dig back through all these posts... have any of you ever designed a rocket to fly on 3x13mm, specifically A10-3T? I may have a big pile of them soon, and I think such a rocket would be a cool way to use them.

Originally Posted by Bob Kaplow
...Say, maybe something like a 135% Cobra with 8x13 instead of 3x24mm MMT?...

Talk about like minds thinking alike!

Look at the Goony Cobra. 239' altitude, with a Dv of only 3 FPS, and flies off a 36" x 1/8" rod. Not an upscale, but a downscale, and slightly Goony to boot!

Addendum: OOPS! I didn't remember (or notice) this until after I posted the above. Goony Cobra only uses one A10-3T. A cluster of three produces a shredder with a Dv over 35 FPS.
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