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Default D80?

Originally Posted by Solomoriah
Hey, I haven't had time to dig back through all these posts... have any of you ever designed a rocket to fly on 3x13mm, specifically A10-3T? I may have a big pile of them soon, and I think such a rocket would be a cool way to use them.

THose of you that know NIRA member Adam Elliott know he is hard of hearing. Someone was flying a G80 and he heard "D80" and asked "What's that?"

Then he built one. It's a BT-70 rocket with a cluster of EIGHT A10-3Ts which adds up to a D80. It's a really cool rocket to see fly; lots of fire and smoke.

Say, maybe something like a 135% Cobra with 8x13 instead of 3x24mm MMT?
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