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Default V2 AV Bay

AV Bay is also a fairly straightforward build. The only negative is that the vent band is not centered at the midpoint of the coupler. This is because the nose cone only sits on the AV bay about 2 inches. The downside is that this AV bay could not be used in a different 4" diameter rocket.

I've been using the DogHouse Rocketry charge canisters. I really like the simple circuit run through the mounting screws rather than having to also mount a wiring block on the bulkhead.

I also purchased the 9V battery mount, and rotary switch along with required wires/connectors from DogHouse Rocketry.

Altimeter will be a PerfectFlite Stratologger CF. I've had very good luck with the StratologgerCF this summer and like it's ease of use.

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