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Default V2 motor mount

After laying out all the parts and measuring the motor mount it is clear that the innards of the V2 will be pretty tightly packed.

The 54mm motor mount will hold a 1280 case, but when using the AV bay there is very little space left between the eye bolt and the top of the forward closure on the motor.

As you can see in the pic below the motor mount is built using an Aeropak retainer and a single centering ring. I epoxied a 1/2" nylon strap along the full length. I've started using this nylon strap for recovery on my HP rockets. I cut it off about a foot above the top of the booster section and use a heavy duty awl and polyester thread to stick a loop into the end. This way the drogue chute recovery strap can be removable just like the payload section. This lets me swap between rockets and saves money.

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