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Originally Posted by lawndart
Yep, drove up to Virginia for the Battle Park launch in Fall of 1991. Joined TRA. Almost bought a set of Syner-Jet reloadable hardware.

Flew my certification flight at a HOTSHOT launch in 1992 overseen by Tim Eiszner. Flew my Magnum PA Crude on a Vulcan H100 and then put it in the woods on an H242HF. Russ Duntonthen tried to entice me to buy an Energon L1000. Wish I had done it.

Also flew an Estes Patriot on a 4 D12 motor cluster. One motor lit on the pad, the other three lit just as the model went horizontal and it flew across the field and under the irrigation system.

Attended HOTSHOT launches until TARA got their field in Lilly.

BTW, I still pull out your LDRS tapes to watch. Digitized most of them to save the VHS tape. Love hearing folks talk about the powerful J motors delaminating plywood fins.

Yeah...that's all been a few years ago. It was a great launch site.

I sometimes wonder how many of the thousands and thousands of tapes I shpped that are still 'in use' today. I was just making the shift to DVD when I had to shut things down due to family health reasons around '05. Thought it would be for just a relatively short period, but it wound up being permanant. The last couple of productions were available on either VHS or DVD and I had plans to go back and do remastered versions of the older productions on DVD. Life just never allowed that to happen.

Hmmm...delaminated plywood fins on J motors. Kinda sounds like my LDRS-10 EZI-65 flight on a J125. Delaminated and shreaded those stock fins big time. As Ron Shultz told me afterwards "yeah, we only recommend up to the J100 on a stock EZI".

I rebuilt that EZI that next spring with airfoiled 1/8" G10 fiberglass fins. Never had a shread problem after that!

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