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Originally Posted by Earl
Oh, ok. Yes, time does fly, doesn't it. And things do accumulate!

Actually, seems you made it down to one or two of our 'HOTSHOT' launches maybe 92-93 timeframe. We held a spring and a fall launch each year until the latter 90s. We'd have folks in from typically GA, FL, SC, TN, AL and sometimes a couple other states. Two thousand acres of contiually mowed sod farm turf made for a great launch site.


Yep, drove up to Virginia for the Battle Park launch in Fall of 1991. Joined TRA. Almost bought a set of Syner-Jet reloadable hardware.

Flew my certification flight at a HOTSHOT launch in 1992 overseen by Tim Eiszner. Flew my Magnum PA Crude on a Vulcan H100 and then put it in the woods on an H242HF. Russ Duntonthen tried to entice me to buy an Energon L1000. Wish I had done it.

Also flew an Estes Patriot on a 4 D12 motor cluster. One motor lit on the pad, the other three lit just as the model went horizontal and it flew across the field and under the irrigation system.

Attended HOTSHOT launches until TARA got their field in Lilly.

BTW, I still pull out your LDRS tapes to watch. Digitized most of them to save the VHS tape. Love hearing folks talk about the powerful J motors delaminating plywood fins.
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