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Originally Posted by Earl

How long ago/where did that flight take place? I remember when I was first getting into high power in the late 80s, I thought the Swarm would be a neat 'fun' rocket to fly. Alas, never did get one.

Have you ever flown it 'fully loaded'?


I don't want to think how long ago that flight was. My beard was still brown, I weighed 30 ibs less, and I actually made it to the monthly launches in Lilly. Honestly don't remember. It was before I bought the Swarm Jr. Maybe 15 years ago?

It only made that one flight with 16 G80s. I wanted to put a nice paint job on it. Knda of a Saturn Ib but yellow and black. I painted the Swarm Jr the same all yellow and have flown that on D12s a couple of times.

In the middle of moving and packing up 30+ years of rocket stuff. Amazing what I've accumulated in that time. Still have parts to rebuild my first HP rocket (AAA Magnum Pennyslvania Crude)!!!! And some Vulcan motors.

Remember meeting you, Tim E. and John Cato at Battle Park in 1991 or 92.
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