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Originally Posted by Mark II
Rocket simulations - who needs 'em? The guy over in the "Ask Mike" forum said that HE don't need no stinkin' sim program, so why should any of the REST of us use one!
I was wondering if I was the only one that saw the humor in that.

When Telex hired me in 1971 as a final test technician, I convinced the guy in personnel that I knew a lot about logic design because I had read a few books. I aced the test and started the next day. My new supervisor told me that my oscilloscope was on order. I told him, essentially, that i did not need no stinking scope; I could see ones and zeros with a meter, if he just told me how many volts a zero was and how many volts a one was. He went over to his office, pulled a few hairs out, and came back and asked me if the guy that hired me had told me about the 90 day probation period. He suggested that if I really did not know how to use a scope, I had better learn pretty D**N quick.

From that point on, I have always been willing to add any new tool to my toolbox and learn how to use it. All the people that I worked for initially and that I supervised later were stuck in the same groove of "I don't need anything that I did not have 20 years ago."

I can look at a box and tell you how much it weighs, but the post office prefers that I use a "stinkin" scale as a cross-check!
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